"It's like a community art event...but in a cool way!"
Scribble was born out of a longing for consistent collaboration with local artists. Initiated by Michael Lamarche for his senior study at Goddard College, it is simply a name for a group of local artists presenting their work to the local community. The group is  growing in numbers as artists continue to express an interest in the concept.
Scribble practices radical inclusion and does not turn away any artist for lack of talent, skill or for any discriminating reason. Scribble also practices equality and transparency in organization as well as funds received.

As the name suggests, Scribble isn’t focused on polished pieces of work. Instead, its main focus is on continual presentations of works to a local audience, facilitating new and meaningful connections and conversations. Given that the artists involved each have an equal opportunity to make overall decisions about each presentation, Scribble as an artistic entity in and of itself will be sculpting itself and building its own culture. 

Moving forward, Scribble intends to dive deeper into collaborative practices around making the artwork itself. In addition, Scribble intends to further explore ideas around consent-based audience inclusion in an effort to support a culture of celebrating the local community and the art that can be made together.
Live Scribble shows are made by adults for adults but all ages are welcome. 
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