Poster by Luce Brandt
Strawberry Monster by Michael Lamarche for the art raffle
A cocoon/section of a sculpture by Morgan Petitpas
Morphology by Sarah Slifer Swift
Dancers: Jillian Chavez-Oliveira, Erika Sutter, Ann-Marie Ciaraldi, Anna Kharaz, Brianna Schutz
the study of the forms of things. the branch of biology that deals with the form of living organisms, and with relationships between their structures.
Playing by Michael Lamarche
Playing is an abridged version of a previous video I had made for my senior thesis. Playing can be, in and of itself, a form of constant metamorphosis - a bridging of the gap between the subconscious and action; the activity of joyfully building fresh realities.
And, with children involved, it’s just the bees knees.
Poster by Michael Lamarche
Scribble has been awarded a grant from the Mass Cultural Council for the production of Metamorphosis. 
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